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Self-Sufficiency Suite Annual Packages


For the software-only offering where business owners/clients manage everything themselves

Start-Up Sprint



Billed $250 annually

2 months for Free


Growth Gear



Billed $500 annually

2 months for Free


Enterprise Express



Billed $1500 annually

2 months for Free



AI Writer Premium for comprehensive content creation capabilities across platforms


Upgrade our AI Writer with premium modules for various content types, including blogs, emails, ads, courses, video scripts, marketing strategy, legal assistance, and lead magnets.

Discover our uniquely curated 'Self-Sufficiency Suite' for do-it-yourself social media management

At NuMust, we mold our services to align seamlessly with your business objectives

Tailoring Social Media Success to Your Needs

Self-Sufficiency Suite


For the software-only offering where business owners/clients manage everything themselves


All of Our Packages include


Custom Social Media Apps 

Set up your unique Twitter and LinkedIn application IDs and link them with your campaigns.


Profanity Filter 

Control the language in social posts with a customizable list of profane words.


Premium Campaign Templates 

Access tried-and-tested templates that have generated significant leads and sales for our top clients.


Custom Campaign Domain 

Use your own company domain for all campaigns, with an SSL certificate provided by us.


White Label Campaign Emails 

Ensure that all campaign-related notification emails originate from your domain.


Custom Link Shortener Domain 

Replace our default shortened link domain (rfr.bz) with your own.



  • Marketing Calendar:

  • Plan and view your marketing strategy with an interactive calendar that displays scheduled and sent posts.

  • Auto-Reposting Queues:
  • Schedule and automate reposting of your evergreen content to keep your feeds fresh.
  • E-commerce Tracking:

  • Monitor your social posts' ROI with a pixel on your e-commerce store's checkout page.

  • Lead Tracking:

  • Track sales leads generated by each social post with a pixel on the 'thank you' page of your lead capture forms.

  • Custom Website Tracking:

  • Generate pixels for different actions, pages, and sites, and report these metrics within our platform.

  • Optimized Post Timings:

  • Optimize your posts based on when they are most likely to get a click, lead, sale, or any of your custom website actions.

  • Bulk Post & Image Uploads:

  • Use our CSV file template to bulk upload months' worth of posts, or upload up to 100 images for individual social media posts.

  • RSS Feed Automated Posting:

  • New blog posts and YouTube videos are automatically published using our RSS feed integration.

  • Integrated Image Editor:

  • Make adjustments to your images directly within our Publisher tool.

  • Image Watermarks:

  • Automatically add your logo to images you post on social media for branding consistency.

  • Hashtag Groups:

  • Store sets of hashtags for quick addition to each social network.

  • Verification Reports:

  • We confirm your posts' publication on each social network, and notify you of any issues along with solutions.

  • AI Writer Premium for Comprehensive Content Creation and Flows 

  • Rapidly craft tailored content and campaigns based on your company information, industry, and objectives.




  • Unified Social Publishing:

  • Streamline your process with a one-step method for scheduling and publishing content across a range of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, TikTok, and YouTube.

  • Visual Resource Archive:

  • Maintain a collection of all shared images and graphics, ensuring easy future access and adherence to your brand's aesthetic guidelines.

  • Expansive Stock Image Library:

  • Save time and money with over a million royalty-free professional photos and graphics pre-stocked in your Asset Library.

  • Unlimited Post Archiving:

  • Have your social media posts auto-archived for future reference and ease of location via keyword search, editing, and resharing.

  • Automated URL Shortening:

  • Enhance tracking with up to five auto-shortened links per post, providing thorough post data to your analytics platform.

  • Post-Publishing Link Editing:

  • Quickly fix any incorrect links shared by adjusting them in the Sent folder; the updates take effect even if the link has already been shared.

  • Network-Specific Post Customization:

  • Draft a universal post and tailor it to each platform, ensuring relevancy of hashtags on Twitter and appropriate call-to-actions across all networks.

  • Direct Video Uploads:

  • Boost audience engagement with auto-play videos in newsfeeds and concurrent uploads to YouTube and other social platforms.

  • Publishing Approval Workflow:

  • Allocate user accounts to your team and review their posts prior to approval for enhanced quality control.

  • Detailed User Permissions:

  • Control access to specific features for each team member, ensuring compliance with corporate governance.

  • Encrypted Database Security:

  • Highest level of personal identifiable information security is ensured with our encrypted database.

  • In-depth Analytics:

  • Unlimited reporting on published messages, campaigns, share buttons, videos, and an organizational overview at no additional cost.

  • Integrated Social CRM:

  • Grow your marketing database through interaction tracking on your share buttons and social campaigns, with new contacts auto-integrated into Salesforce and other CRM/email platforms.

  • Share Button Customization:

  • Create unlimited, tailored social share buttons for your content, identify your key influencers, and maintain an exportable list.

  • Limitless Landing Pages:

  • Quickly create mobile-friendly landing pages with our templates and intuitive drag-and-drop form builder.

  • Interactive Popups & Sticky-tab Widgets:

  • Use our landing pages, sweepstakes, and contests as popups and sticky-tabs to keep your audience engaged.

  • Email Autoresponders:

  • Send personalized emails to landing page and campaign respondents.

  • Diverse Contest Options:

  • Engage your audience with photo, video, and essay contests.

  • User-Generated Content Sharing:

  • Launch your own moderated photo or video sharing application on your website or Facebook page.

  • Referral Sweepstakes:

  • Encourage brand promotion by offering attractive prizes for referrals.

  • Signup & Download Pages:

  • For effective content marketing, use our landing pages for white papers, e-books, and other content downloads.

  • Special Offer Coupons:

  • Boost conversion with a simple CTA button and special offer, no forms required.

  • Customer Testimonials:

  • Collect and share video and text testimonials across the social web, and feature them on your website.

  • Customer Reviews:

  • Integrate a video review application on each product page to capture and share customer feedback.

  • Customer Stories:

  • Showcase real customer experiences with your product.

  • Refer-a-Friend Program:

  • Quickly launch a comprehensive referral program that rewards customers for sharing unique links and achieving pre-set actions.

  • Weekly Giveaways:

  • Keep customers engaged with new weekly opportunities to win.

  • Content Approval Workflow:

  • Preview and approve user-submitted content before posting.

  • Auto-Syndication to Social:

  • Once approved, user-submitted content can automatically post to your chosen social networks.

  • Custom Submission Forms:

  • Use our easy drag-and-drop form builder to create beautiful, effective submission forms.

  • A/B Testing:

  • Test and compare up to 5 campaign designs and offers

  • Scheduled Campaign Series:

  • Craft a series of campaigns that roll out in sequence automatically.

  • Premier Integrations:

  • Contact information from campaign submissions automatically populates your existing email service provider or CRM lists.



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Our AI Prompt Engineering tool is not designed to generate content directly. Instead, it excels in crafting precise prompts that are then given to the Language Learning Models (LLMs), which in turn create the content.


Self-Sufficiency Suite Monthly Packages


For the software-only offering where business owners/clients manage everything themselves

Start-Up Sprint


Ideal for budding businesses looking to make a mark on social media




  • Manage up to 20 social profiles
  • Accept up to 1,000 campaign entries per month, build unlimited campaigns websites
  • 1 user
  • AI Writer Premium for comprehensive content creation and Flows.




Growth Gear



Perfect for expanding businesses seeking wider social media engagement and reach



  • Manage up to 30 social profiles
  • Accept up to 6,000 campaign entries per month, build unlimited campaigns websites
  • Allows up to 4 users
  • AI Writer Premium for comprehensive content creation and Flows.




Enterprise Express


Tailored for established businesses aiming for maximum social media dominance and campaign execution


  • Manage up to 60 social profiles
  • Accept up to 100,000 campaign entries per month, build unlimited campaigns websites
  • Allows up to 30 users
  • AI Writer Premium for comprehensive content creation and Flows.