Simplified Sharing:  Type a single message and share it across all social networks simultaneously, ensuring consistent communication and saving time.


Customizable Buttons: Use our button designs or bring your own. Store them conveniently in our asset library for future use.


Special Offers: Easily add a coupon link to a message by checking a box, integrating promotional efforts seamlessly with your social strategy.

Amplify Your Content Reach with NuMust Bond's Share Buttons


Experience a complete solution for content marketers with NuMust Bond. Our share buttons are designed not just to share pages, but to effectively disseminate content.


  • Videos & Images: With NuMust Bond, shared videos play directly in the news feed, enhancing engagement and user experience.


  • White Papers: Incorporate our short URLs into your white paper footers, simplifying the process of sharing valuable insights.


  • Multiple Items Per Page: Enable users to share each piece of content on a page individually, providing the flexibility to promote specific elements of your content.

Enhance User Engagement with NuMust Bond's Share Button Features


Understand your influencers better with NuMust Bond's smart Share Button functionality. Gain valuable insights into your top advocates and the revenue generated from share button usage.

Social CRM Integration


Every user who uses the share button is automatically added and tracked within our Social CRM, making user management a breeze.

Revenue Tracking


Stand out with NuMust Bond, the only platform that offers revenue reporting for each share button use. Make informed decisions with comprehensive insights.

Advocate Leaderboard


Easily view the sentiment and influence of your top advocates with our Advocate Leaderboard feature. Understand your user dynamics at a glance.

Boost Social Engagement with NuMust Bond's Customizable Share Buttons


Craft the perfect share buttons with NuMust Bond, designed to optimize user interaction and elevate your brand's online presence.


  • Positive Sentiment: Influence the tone of sharing with the option to add a default comment, guiding users towards a positive conversation about your brand.
  • On-Page Experience: Unlike traditional share buttons, NuMust Bond ensures visitors stay on your site instead of diverting to social network pages, enhancing user engagement.


  • Share Preview: Offer a sneak peek of how the shared content will appear in news feeds, adding to the user's confidence in sharing your content.

Ignite Your Influence! Discover Your Top Social Advocates with Our Share Buttons.

Deploy our smart buttons to recognize your influencers and enhance your brand's social engagement. 

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Our AI Prompt Engineering tool is not designed to generate content directly. Instead, it excels in crafting precise prompts that are then given to the Language Learning Models (LLMs), which in turn create the content.